Project Reconnect began as an initiative of the Mid-Lachlan Mission Area (located in the Central West of NSW, Australia) of the Uniting Church in Australia with generous contributions from members of the Uniting Church, Assemblies of God Church, and the Seventh Day Adventist Church. The Project Reconnect team is now centred in the Hunter Region and is supported by The Hunter Presbytery (NSW Synod) of the Uniting Church in Australia.Project Reconnect has a Management Team and a Production Team.


The Management Team consists of :

  • Eldrene March (testing and information sheets) 

  • Lorraine Pepper (Treasurer) 

  • Charles Pope (Chairman) 

  • Paul Russell (Secretary) 

  • Rev. Tom Stuart 


The Production Team includes :

  • Filming, Editing and DVD Production - David Chegwidden and Paul Russell
  • Distribution - Ken & Pam Young
  • Accounting - Lesley Clulow
  • Webmaster - Charles Pope
  • Orders - Sharon Dennis and Kathy Stuart
  • Technical Support - Rev. Tom Stuart


Content of the DVD is provided by lay and clergy people from many different congregations and places.

Providers of Sermons and All Age Messages mostly come from Ministers and members of the Uniting Church from numerous congregations across (mostly) NSW, plus preachers from other denominations. 

Music is provided by singing groups from a number of groups across NSW including Adamstown Uniting Church (Newcastle), Parkes Welcome Congregation Band,  Parkes Currajong Congregation Choir,  Leura Congregation Choir,  Mixed Blessings Choir and Pittwater Worship Band.

Our purpose is to give expression to the Christian life as modelled by Jesus and talked about by Paul. For us the particularities of theology and churchmanship are a means of reflecting on the diversity of the presence of God in the world. Our desire is to help people discern the presence of God in their lives, express that experience, particularly through the activity of worship and the spiritual disciplines. By this process people will sense the call of God to live a lives of grace, justice, and humility.

To this end we do not wish to define the boundaries on who we are. We would like all those who share our vision to be a part of what we do. This might be those who want to use our goals, strategies, and resources. Project Reconnect for us is more about a defined intention rather than a specific entity.

All those who serve Project Reconnect do so in a voluntary capacity.  All proceeds from sales go to paying for direct expenses and updating of audio visual and editing equipment.

We welcome the participation of new congregations in Project Reconnect and are happy to make demonstration disks available.  We also welcome hearing from those who would like to help with Project Reconnect in some way.  There are many roles and tasks and requires a large volunteer base.

The Project Reconnect team can be contacted by emailing support@projectreconnect.com.au if you have any enquiries.