I'm sure that there are plenty of interesting stories about things that happen at the congregations of our recipients, and we would love to hear them. The first concerns Broome and the ABC Drama "Mystery Road" starting this weekend and reported by Rev David King:


Mystery Road 2 was filmed last August around the district of Broome, W.A. As the cast and crew arrived in Broome, the 4WD hire vehicles were swallowed up & it was common to see them at various locations around the town, and encounter them at more remote locations in the neighbouring district.

The Broome Uniting Church was one of the locations that was used. The filming crew were drawn to our church because of its atmosphere and architecture. It was built in 1925 with opening side walls to enable open air worship. The film crew returned to the church for further scenes as the filming proceeded. When they did so, the grounds behind the church were filled with trucks and trailers to support the filming effort, and to provide meals and refreshments for the crew. Very generously, we were invited to eat with them, and had the chance to meet many crew; mostly those that work in various ways behind the camera.

Our Op-Shop also benefitted, becoming a place for the art department to find many items needed for creating the scenes. Over the months leading up to, and during the filming some of the art department crew became familiar faces to us. But they were always careful not to drop any spoilers.

It’s not the first time our church has been used for filming. It was previously used for “The Circuit”, and “Flight into Hell.” Each time it has been used, it has left us with memories of the filming and stories to tell. This time was no different. It was a memorable experience.

We look forward to watching the series as it comes to TV this week. We’ll be looking with eager eyes to see what they did to our church!

David King

Broome Uniting Church 

Fans of the Swedish/Danish TV series "The Bridge" will be interested to note that Sofia Helin, who plays Saga, the eccentric Porsche driving detective on the Autism spectrum in "the Bridge" plays the role of Professor Sandra Elmquist, whose search for Indigenous cultural artefacts unearths a deep moral quandary. She has swapped the urban detective’s leather pants and Porsche for an Akubra, workboots and cargos. It’s Saga Noren gone Indiana Jones, and Helin is loving every minute of it.



 One little known fact is that in real life, Sofia is a Christian and the wife of a priest of Church of  Sweden and they  have two teenage children.  


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