At Project Reconnect we have  been providing weekly worship resources for small congregations since our inception in Parkes for 14 years ago.  Operations moved to Charlestown in Newcastle in 2014. Since that time we have produced a new DVD each week with a message, all age message, discussion points to promote sharing and discussion. There are also  recorded choirs to lead singing. At Newcastle we have filmed, edited, and burnt approximately 350 sermons and as many all age messages to DVDs and distributed them to congregations in every state. We are also assembling a formidable catalogue of songs if the recipient does not have a musician. 

Recently we have been quietly working on a way to make our worship resources available "on demand" 24/7.  As a first step we are offering all congregations free access to all our sermons for April and May. This will make our messages available for use at home during the current coronavirus emergency. 

All that you need a computer and an internet connection to  watch them on line. We intend that  they will ultimately  become downloadable for incorporation in other presentation software such as PowerPoint. When the current crisis is over and we commence on line purchase we will our retain traditional DVD delivery for those who do not have the resources to manage online delivery. 

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Sunday 5th July 20220           Pentecost 5

Rev Dr Rod Pattenden

Focus Reading             Matthew 11: 16-19, 25-30 

CLICK HERE to access today's message from Rod

Then consider this Discussion starters

Discussion Starters

  • Remember when you heard some words of wisdom? How do you know that such words are wise?
  • How does Jesus words of wisdom invite me to live my life more fully?
  • How do we share the wisdom we know, so we grow as a community of wisdom?
  • What wisdom do we have as a church to offer our community?


CLICK HERE to access Rod's All Age Message and listen to your mother!



You are Sharing with

Bogan Gate /Gunningbland, Eugowra, Oberon, Wattle Park, Singleton Café Church, Berrigan, Tullibigeal, Wedderburn UCA, Gilgandra, Barham

How many of these places have you been to?     



SUNDAY 12th July 2020           Pentecost 6

Rev Rob Hanks

Focus Reading             Matthew 13: 1-9, 18-23.     

CLICK HERE to access Rob's Message for today, then consider these discussion starters

Discussion Starters

  • How would you title this parable or story?
  • What would you describe as the ‘seeds’ in this story?
  • Where might your group “sow” seeds in the soil of your community?
  • How might your church ensure you are being “recklessly generous”?

CLICK HERE to see Rob's All Age message 


Today you are sharing with Cookamidgera, Kurrajong Heights, Bedgerabong, Oberon, Singleton Café Church,  Burringbar, Wedderburn UCA, Gilgandra, Moulamein, Mr Lincoln Willcocks.

Do you know her these places are? 


19the July 2020           Pentecost 7

Lothar Nowak

Focus Reading    Romans 8: 12-25         

CLICK HERE   for Lothar's message - check YOUR attention span.  Then talk about these discussion starters

  • Can you relate to not being able to cope?
  • Do you blame God for the bad things that happen?
  • Can you be positive in negative times?
  • Can you share your positivity with the community…and be truthful about it?

CLICK HERE for then all age message imagine that you are the volunteer!

Other congregations sharing this message today are at Bogan Gate/Gunningbland, Oberon, Berrigan, Rochester, Singleton Café Church, Wedderburn UCA, Gilgandra


SUNDAY  26th July 2020           Pentecost 8

Rev Jennifer Burns 

Focus Reading      Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52.   

CLICK HERE for Jennifer's message and then think about these discussion starters

  • What have you heard today that captures your interest or causes you to wonder?
  • Spiritual nourishment can appear unexpectedly. How/Where have you experienced this?
  • Covid-19 has changed many people’s lives. What changes do you plan to keep?  How has been a follower of Jesus changed for you?         
  • How have you been touched/changed by seeds of God’s love?

CLICK HERE for Maria Williams's animated treasure hunt 


Today you are sharing worship with Cookamidgera, Ardlethan, Oberon, Wedderburn UCA, Gilgandra, Mr Lincoln Willcocks