There were reel to reel,  video and audio tapes, then floppy discs and hard drives. For the present we have DVDs, which also have a limited future as the NBN  creeps beyond the major centres and streaming becomes the norm and Blockbuster video gives way to Netflix.


We see a time when DVDs will be museum curiosities and we already have customers who are making ingenious use of  our DVDs for custom presentations. Soon every DVD will come with the music and messages as separate useable files so if you have access to a 12 year old see what he (or she) can do with these files to enliven worship. 


Next step will be to make our resources available on demand online. Regrettably we do not have the resources of Netflix or the ABC so this will a gradual process by volunteers but it’s on the way. For the moment, if you have the know-how,  feel free to extract any files and make use of them in your own way in worship. 


We would like this site to be a forum for exchange of ideas on technology. Go to our Contacts page and send your ideas to "Geek Forum"