In 2018 we undertook a major survey of our recipients on a proposal to make online delivery available. We asked for comments at the completion of the survey and here are  the comments received:

1..Love PR and it has been a Godsend for our congregation. Would love more music resources to access. We would be happy accessing by download or a link for subscribers. A digital format would make it more seamless to move from message to hymns ,  or to use in PowerPoint. Although I personally don’t have great internet and rely on 4G and limited downloads, it would be possible to access a computer in town with NBN to download if needed.... Although the congregation are happy with the way we do things now I can see that digital format is a good and decreasing your costs is a bonus



2.It is a fabulous resource that I am forever grateful for and as I have learnt to integrate the video files into our PowerPoint presentation, it has helped the flow immensely and I haven’t had to be on hand every time we use this resource. I would certainly be happy to download resources from the net if that is implemented


3.Some sermons have not been suitable because of content


We used project videos occasionally and successfully over a period of several years. Our church is now close We appreciate the help we were given. We were lucky to find you.



Very happy getting the DVD from the start – very helpful – thank you for producing them



The congregation is most grateful to the Project Reconnect Team for the DVD services.

We enjoy listening to each presenter.

A small suggestion (and it is only a suggestion, not a criticism), perhaps we could have a few “up beat” hymns/songs, as our children stay in the church for the entire service.

Although we have a ‘children’s address within the service, it would be good to have at least one song/hymn for the children.

Again thank you for a wonderful service for small churches, so that they can continue to spread the good news.



Straight messages – good. Interviews not well received. Personally been blessed with some messages


I think that having the option of downloading from the net is a great idea, especially useful if the preacher is unavailable at relatively short notice. It would also make it a quicker and cheaper option as well as a space saver. It would be much less work on your end and little extra on our part. I also think it would be advisable to keep the posted DVD option for those congregations who are not tech savvy.


Thank you for your email. Sorry to be so long getting back to you.

We have used the Project Reconnect material some years ago, however haven’t for some time now. 

We are a congregation at of three worship centres and over the last couple of years have been training people from each worship centre to lead out services.

This seems to be working well so haven’t had the need for Project Reconnect. We did find the material very good while using them.



We really appreciate being able to us  – without it our XXX Church would probably fizzle. It provides an easy-to-use, sound theologically bases resource, which leads us to discussion a deeper understanding of the scriptures and ourselves. Thank you for your efforts!!



We are fortunate to have enough service leaders and musicians to meet our needs. We use re-connect on occasions to give relief and to provide variety in our service format. We have  received positive feedback from the congregation when we use it. The discussion questions have generated something that we don’t normally have.



We are a small congregation of 4 – 5 people (ages 65 – 92) and all have different strengths but none of us are ‘techno nerds’. We will continue to use PR in its current form.



PR is a valuable resource and well regarded by our congregation. We hope it continues to be available.



We find this service excellent and very helpful



Our worship team uses P R videos when we are unable to have a worship leader.

They are a valuable resource to encourage other members of the congregation to take

part in leading parts of the worship service.

Some of our leaders will experiment with using the videos in a “cafe church” style

service or using the discussion questions in small groups.



We are an elderly congregation and currently the people who receive and organise the DVD presentation at the Service, prepared & presented by the Elders, are in their late 70s to 90s, but generally we do enjoy the DVD presentations.  Sometimes use the ALL Age Message as well.




We are actually really self sufficient and only occasionally need the Project Reconnect services, having retired ministers and a lay preacher in the congregation. However, we appreciate the availability of Project Reconnect when the usual worship leaders are away.




A great resource that is used in two congregations



WE have appreciated having access while we were between ministers and will probably not need to use in the future



We have used Project Reconnect when our Minister of the Word has been unavailable. Different members have been willing to lead the worship service using the DVD and other 4 resources provided. Congregation members have been very receptive of the services and appreciative of the input given. There is a real corporate sense of worship when the other participating churches are named and included in prayers. We usually have our own musician, but the provision of the accompaniment could prove useful at some time.



Other…DVD on the TV, or USB on the TV, or Computer on TV, it would depend on

which people are available to use the resource. If I am available then all is fine with whatever resource, if I am not available then the physical DVD would be needed. 

Could be a little better integrated with the Words for Worship resource available for the week. We find quite often that the WFW has picked a topic, and their prayers and service construct are on that particular topic or interpretation of the reading, and the Project Reconnect is on a different topic or interpretation which gives a disconnect between the two.



We haven’t used Reconnect for a long time as it didn’t seem suitable for our congregation and they are happy with what we are doing. If there is any change to the format we might give it another go.



Sending the material as files via the internet would be good for us, as this would make them easier to put into a presentation.



This is a fantastic resource and congratulate the team for the work and providing this service



We use Project Reconnect only when we have no minister which can be for short periods.or several months. At present we have a fulltime minister so will not be needing it so often.....

This week our minister is away but we had no lead time to order a DVD. For situations like this we would benefit from having it available online.

 Thanks to the whole team. It was a wonderful resource when we were 2 years without a minister.  Please keep it going.



I have tried three times or more to introduce it because I THINK IT IS GREAT

Our people would prefer a person in the flesh preaching even though they are not as good or interesting as PR preachers. Hillston is the only church with the ‘machinery’. Hillston meets weekly and the other three congregations every month. We only have one lay preacher (me) John McKeon preaches regularly at Hillston but does not visit the other 3.

I think PR is fantastic but I cannot interest XXXX people and the other three centres.

If they would use  it  – would empower them to lead services themselves. We have only used ‘the message’ and the occasional kids’ talk

The question segment was not popular and hard to engage the people in small groups. The men would sit, arms crossed and grumpily say “we agree with everything”

 Good luck with all your work. I know the congregations that use it value it well


I like the idea of files being accessed via the internet – that would be easy to download